Nantong wantong anticorrosive wood main merbau anticorrosive wood、High-end Finland anticorrosive wood、Anticorrosive wood floor、Willow eucalyptus anticorrosive wood、Carbide wood, etc,The company set design(Free of charge)、The construction、Advocate material as one of the one-stop service
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       Nantong wantong landscape anti-corrosion co., LTD. Specializes inNantong anticorrosive woodConstruction and all kinds of landscape landscape involves、Sales、The construction。Main project:The wooden wooden(Log cabin、The pavilion、Bridge、Flower)。Product excellence,For the majority of customers with high quality,Low price anticorrosive wood products,And engineering design。The company mainly produces:Log cabin、The barriers、Clear water platform、Wooden bridge、Flower、A pavilion、Outdoor wooden entertainment facilities、Wood promenade、Wood floor、Wooden flower pot、Wood trash can、Outdoor wooden tables and chairs、Wooden sign、A billboard、Float、A grape、Large fence fence、Park outdoor tables and chairs、The scenic spot water wheel、Kiosks、Pet houses, such as all kinds of anticorrosive wood products、More can be custom-made according to customer requirements。

       Companies adhere to quality is the life,Credibility is the operating principle of efficiency,Provide high quality service for the general consumers,We sincerely invite the social from all walks of life to carry out widely、Mutually beneficial cooperation。


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